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Group Charter Flights


EWA offers Group Charter Services for Sports

Teams, Music Tours, and Tour Groups for resorts,

hotels, and cruise lines around the world. Bringing together guests from around the world in an organized and cost efficient manner which in turn elevates the customer experience and reduces costs.

Service is tailor made to you for your needs; we will arrange all flights, paperwork, contracts, customization and everything else that might be necessary. Once the air services start we will stay on top of the operators to ensure everything day and night will run smoothly

and if and when issues arise they will be resolved.


Scheduling and coordination of having guests arrive to their destination from multiple locations and at the convenient times, ensuring maximum efficiency for the host and maximum experience for the guests.

Aircraft that are offered by EWA are from the safest, cleanest, nicest and most reliable in the industry.

Operated by only the top aircraft operators whether they may be commercial or exclusively charter operators we ensure that whoever is offered, they are the most reliable and friendly in the air industry. We offer small to large passenger aircraft in addition to all business class

aircraft and executive jets.

Experience which is brought through air charter will captivate the guests with the first and last impression of their vacation ensuring them to return many times. We arrange the cabins be customized to the hosts from

having the promo video play to customizing the

headrests with the host logo to any other thing the

host might request.

On the Ground we arrange anything from busing to limo and car services to security services if necessary.

At EWA we hope to serve you, and have you join in this great experience.

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