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EWA Courier services provide a personal, safe, and discreet way for one to transport valuables. We work with each client to provide turnkey solutions for a secure end-to-end delivery customized to their unique security and time sensitive needs.  

Our Couriers are experienced, fully-vetted and cleared to handle highly sensitive property, they come to you with our full confidence and we guarantee they will deliver.

Transport is done in a very well planned route whether land, sea, or air we ensure its delivery in an expedited manner. A low-profile is kept at all times, and the route and plans are strictly confidential planned to each level of security needed, with a state of the art tracking system with updates in real time.          

Expedited service is available even for minimum security items, we can arrange and transport anything in a very quick efficient way surpassing any other standard expedited shipping including same-day international delivery services. We are fully familiar with the laws and protocols for many different shipments to over 150 countries and are able to navigate through a variety of situation should they come up.

EWA Courier services include:

  • International Rush Service

  • Shipping highly sensitive documents

  • Banking, Medical, Diplomatic, Legal etc.

  • Sensitive equipment small or large

  • Precious Metals

  • Art

  • Jewelry

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